You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head

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You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
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Location(s) Underworld
Received by Mister Crowley
Reward(s) T-51b Power Armor
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[edit] Quest Objectives

Sometime before the start of Fallout 3, Allistair Tenpenny hired 5 mercenaries to find a secret weapon in Fort Constantine. The 5 mercenaries were Dave, Dukov, Tara, Jeff Strayer and Mister Crowley. Tara died during the mission and Mister Crowley was locked in a room full of Feral Ghouls so the other three would have a bigger share of the reward.

What the 3 mercenaries didn't know is that the Feral Ghouls won't attack Crowley because he's a Ghoul too. Crowley eventually escaped from Fort Constantine, but not before finding out that inside was a rare set of T-51b Power Armor. Crowley couldn't get the armor because he didn't have all the keys, instead he would have to find somebody who could get him the keys from his old mercenary partners.

[edit] Meeting Crowley

Meet Mister Crowley

Mister Crowley can be found in Underworld (usually in the Ninth Circle or Carol's Place), he will complain about ghoul-haters and then about how his old mercenary team were bigots. He will ask you to track down Dave, Dukov and Strayer, kill them and take their keys, he will reward you with 100 caps for each death. He talks about how people think you have to kill Ghouls with a bullet to the head, like in the old zombie movies. For this reason, he will pay you an extra 25 Caps to put a bullet through the head of each of his old mercenary partners, he will also give you a Sniper Rifle to help you achieve this goal.

Ask just about anyone in Underworld about Crowley and they'll say they doubt his claims of bigotry from the other Mercenaries. Talk to Crowley again and he'll admit that he just wants them dead so that he can take their keys, all except Allistair Tenpenny who he claims really is a bigot and should be killed. After pressing Crowley about his true intentions he will increase the deal so that you get 100 Caps for every dead body and 100 caps for every key.

[edit] Dave's Key

Dave can be found in the Republic of Dave which is in the far north-east of the Capital Wasteland. Dave's key can be obtained in one of three ways:

  • You can kill Dave and loot the key from his body, remember to shoot him in the head for extra caps from Crowley. Everyone in the Republic of Dave will turn hostile towards you for doing this.
  • You can convince Dave you are an Ambassador of the Wasteland, he will welcome you to the Republic of Dave and present you with the key as a token of his friendship.
  • You can also rig the election so that Dave loses to either Bob or Rosie. He will then leave the Republic of Dave and head to Old Olney to start a new republic. Dave's body can later be found in Old Olney after being attacked by the local Deathclaws. You can loot the key from his corpse.

[edit] Dukov's Key

Dukov can be found at Dukov's Place which is found on the east of the Potomac River and south-east of the Anchorage Memorial. Inside you'll find Dukov and his two prostitutes, Cherry and Fantasia, you can obtain Dukov's key in one of six ways:

  • You can simply kill Dukov and loot the key from his body, remember to shoot him in the head for extra caps from Crowley.
  • You can threaten Dukov into giving you the key with a successful Speech check.
  • You can pay Dukov in order to get the key.
  • Female characters with the Black Widow perk can convince him to give you the key.
  • Male players with the Lady Killer Perk can convince Fantasia to steal the key from him.
  • Cherry will steal the key from him if you agree to escort her to Rivet City as part of any unmarked quest.

[edit] Strayer's Key

Jeff Strayer doesn't appear in the game, it appears he died sometime before the game's setting. However, his son Ted Strayer can be found in Rivet City, he's appears to be living off the money his father earned and he's also in possession of Jeff's Key. You can obtain this key in one of five ways.

  • You can kill Ted and loot the key off his body. This will likely turn everyone in Rivet City hostile towards you.
  • You can pay Ted 25 caps in order to get the key.
  • You can use a Speech check to convince him to hand over the key.
  • If you have +6 Strength or the Toughness Perk you can threaten Ted into giving you the key. You can also threaten him into giving you everything else in his inventory.
  • You can continue to give Ted doses of Psycho until he overdoses, then loot the key from his corpse.

[edit] Tenpenny

You don't have to kill Tenpenny to continue the quest, it's just a way of getting more caps. If you talk to Tenpenny at Tenpenny Tower and tell him that Mister Crowley sent you to kill him, he will offer you double the caps to kill Crowley instead. He will offer you half now and half when the job is finished. From here you can decide to kill Tenpenny, kill Crowley or agree to kill Crowley, take the money from Tenpenny and keep both of them alive. If you decide to kill Crowley the quest will end here.

[edit] Reward

Now that you have all three keys there are multiple routes you can take to get the T-51b Power Armor.

[edit] Give Crowley the Keys

The T-51b Power Armor is a stasis pod

If you decide to give the keys to Crowley, you'll be paid for your killing and the quest will end. Crowley will then leave Underworld and head to Fort Constantine, a few days later he will return to Underworld wearing the Power Armor. To obtain it for yourself you can sneak kill Crowley with the Mister Sandman perk while he sleeps in Carol's Place or you can shoot him with the Mesmetron which will cause him to frenzy and cause the Underworld residents to attack him. You can also follow Crowley after giving him the keys, wait until he's outside Underworld then kill him , take back the keys and head to Fort Constantine yourself.

[edit] Head to Fort Constantine

You can forget about Mister Crowley all together and just head straight to Fort Constantine which is located in the far north-west of the Capital Wasteland. Head into the CO Quarters house where you'll find an underground passage into the Fort. Follow the path until you reach a door with a dead female in front of it, this is the body of Tara who died as part of Tenpenny's mercenary team. You can loot her body for her key then open the door in front of her, you will need the other three keys to open more doors in the small passage way until you finally come to a room with a set of T-51b Power Armor and a Fat Man, take the Armor to complete the quest.

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