Yearning for Learning

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Yearning for Learning
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Location(s) Arlington Library
Received by Scribe Yearling
Reward(s) 100 Caps and 10 Exp per Pre-War Book

Yearning for Learning is a side-quest that the player is given access to after speaking with Scribe Yearling.

[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Finding Pre-War Books

If the player is courteous during the initial conversation with Scribe Yearling, she will tell the player of the Brotherhood of Steel's goal to collect information. She will tell you that this information can be collected from books and that even a child's story book contains information.

She will then offer to pay the player 100 caps and 10xp for each Pre-War Book that the player brings to her.

It is worth noting that there are a number of "fake" Pre-War Books within the Capital Wasteland. The books that Yearling is looking for has a green cover and a book icon in the Pip-Boy. The "fake" books have a blue cover and have the junk icon in the Pip-Boy.

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