Winterized Medic Armor

Winterized Medic Armor.
Winterized Medic Armor.png
Damage Resistance 32
Weight 25
Cost 390
Effects: +10 Medicine

The Winterized Medic Armor is an armor introuduced in the Mothership Zeta DLC. The player can also aquire the Winterized Medic Helmet. The armor provides a +10 Medicine.

There are two ways that the player can obtain the armor, either:

  • Loot the corpse of Elliot Tercorien either after he has died in combat, or after the you coldly murder him.
  • Alternativley, you can find the bodies of the rest of Elliot's squad when in the Cryo Labs. You can then proceed to loot their bodies.

The Winterized Combat Armor can be repaired with normal Combat Armor.

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