Winterized Combat Armor

Winterized Combat Armor
Winter Combat Armor.png
Damage Resistance 32
Weight 25
Cost 390 Caps
Effects: n/a

Winterized Combat Armor was added to Fallout 3 in the first DLC pack: Operation: Anchorage. It's the only armor you're given access to during the simulation. The Winterized Combat Armor is a unique variant of the Combat Armor, and all of your American allies will be equipped with the Winterized Combat Armor during the course of your stay in the Anchorage Simulation.

You only gain one suit of Winterized Combat Armor during the Operation: Anchorage DLC, and it is the only armor available to you during the Simulation. This Combat Armor can only be used inside the Anchorage Simulation, it's not available in the Capital Wasteland.

If you have downloaded the Mothership Zeta expansion, Elliot Tercorien will be wearing a suit of armor very similar to the Winterized Combat Armor, know as the Winterized Medic Armor.

[edit] Notes

  • You can only use this armor if you use console commands on the PC.

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