William Brandice

William Brandice
William Brandice.jpeg
Race Human
Affiliation Formely The Enclave
Location Grayditch
Marigold Station
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



William Brandice was a resident of Grayditch. His body is located near Doctor Lesko's Lab in the Marigold Station. He was apparently killed during the Fire Ant outbreak.

The player can find his house which is directly in front of Bryan Wilks house. Inside is a Missile Launcher and a gun found in the refrigerator.

If the player hacks the terminal found within his house, you can find he was previously stationed at Navarro, an Oil Rig and the main base of operations of the Enclave during the events of Fallout 2. After hearing a broadcast from Enclave Radio on an old radio he found, William become paranoid. He began to think that the Enclave were searching for him because he had deserted.

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