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[edit] Fallout: New Vegas

[edit] Weapons

[[Category:Fallout New Vegas Weapons]]{{upcoming}}
|title = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|image = 
|Maximum Damage ::
|Damage Type ::
|Ammo Type ::
|Ammo Capacity ::
|Weight ::
|Repaired by ::
[[{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] is a weapon found in [[Fallout: New Vegas]]

[edit] Quests

[edit] Places

[[Category:Fallout New Vegas Places]]
|title = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|image = [[File:{{subst:PAGENAME}}.jpg|300px]]
|imagecaption =
|Location :: [[Mojave Wasteland]]
|Leader ::
|Residents ::
|Appearances :: [[Fallout: New Vegas]]
|Places of Interest ::
|Related Quests ::
[[{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] is a location found in the [[Mojave Wasteland]] in [[Fallout: New Vegas]].

{{MA|Quest Name}}



[edit] Characters

[[Category:Fallout New Vegas Characters]]
|title = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|image = [[Image:{{subst:PAGENAME}}.jpg|250px]]
|imagecaption =
|Race :: Human
|Affiliation ::
|Location ::
|Appearances :: [[Fallout: New Vegas]]
|Related Quest ::
|Drops :: '''Items''':




[edit] Creatures

[[Category:Fallout New Vegas Creatures]]
|title = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|image = [[Image:{{subst:PAGENAME}}.jpg|280px]]
|imagecaption =
|Race ::
|Affiliation ::
|Appearances :: [[Fallout: New Vegas]]
|Drops: '''Items''':


[edit] Apparel

[edit] Items

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Edibles

[edit] Drugs and Medicine

[edit] Skill Books

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