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Thumbsup.png This article is wiki related, and has to do with the Fallout NeoWiki itself. It is not about the Fallout Series in any way and is either for organizational or staff purposes.

This page is was created by the Wiki Staff to explain and announce upcoming announcements and projects. To leave feedback, go under page tools and add to the discussion.

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We have an official planning thread here on Neoseeker.


[edit] Announcements

  • Wiki Backround and Layout has been set up, feedback would be nice, by neoseeker or other staff members of other wiki. NeoWiki header and jewel was created by Hman242 and backround was created by Blade Runner.
  • Navmenu has been perfected, please tell us if links are broken or leave us some feedback on it. If you know a better way to set it up, tell us here or in the planning thread. Some fallout/fallout 2 links might lead to empty categories, they are being filled.
  • Hubs have been set up.

[edit] Major Projects/Project Section

[edit] Summer Cleaning

Summer To-Do List

  • "Summer Cleaning", making sure each article is cleaned up (bolding text, tables, ect.) and adding the correct categories. This includes making sure the infobox's are all accurate, all NPC pages have the correct clothing and weapons in the infobox's, and there no spaces between names (br tags).

  • Backround and theme need to be made. Done

Fallout 3

  • Metro Pages need to be made and fleshed out, apparently our wiki has only a little of them. I'm thinking of making all the metro pages with the images, and then going back and fleshing them out, and moving the unfinished one to a temporary category, similar to the quest needs walkthrough.

  • Quest Needs Walkthrough category needs be cleared out, and after this the quests will be done. I'm sure there are some empty side-quest pages as well, so I'll be hunting and adding them in to the category. Fleshing out a couple of location pages too. - Done

Fallout 3 DLC

  • Altogether, there are a still over a hundred-ish pages that need to be created for places/characters/items/etc in Broken Steel, Point Lookout and The Pitt. I'm adding all of the images for the things that don't have pages, and making sure everything is categorized properly to make things easier to find/more organised. Reason 15:59, 24 July 2010 (UTC)

Fallout: New Vegas

  • Information and magazine screens need to be added when something is announced, but this is going to be hard because we're occupied with other things. Work schedule or something? - Ongoing until release

Fallout and Fallout 2

  • Quite possibly the largest project this wiki has to do. Fallout and fallout 2 information combined isn't very expansion and does not match Fallout 3, but it is pretty big. The games are old so that's why we didn't have much information. Screenshots will be easy to get and I'm pretty sure the official fallout and fallout 2 sites are still open on Interplay somewhere. This is pretty much going to be late summer to winter.

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