Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins
Who Dares Wins.jpg
G icon.gif 30
Location(s) Presidential Metro

Adams Air Force Base

Received by Paladin Tristan
Reward(s) 1600 XP
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Who Dares, Wins is a quest that was added in the Broken Steel DLC.

[edit] Quest Objectives

To get this quest, head over to Paladin Tristan. He'll give you your objective, to destroy remaining Enclave at the Adams Air Force Base with a strike from above. Take the Presidential Metro, but be aware the metro has high leveled enemies like Sentry Bots.

[edit] Find and Enter the Mobile Crawler

Take the metro to the base, and begin to head to the Mobile Base Crawler. The path is crawling with Enclave and Deathclaws. Once you arrive, you can only get into the Crawler by finding a terminal and unlocking it. You can find this terminal in the Control Tower.

Now, go down the ramp and kill the remaining enclave, and make your way inside. There's a forcefield blocking your way, but not to worry, just smash the control panel and proceed (the explosion might damage you). Go up the second floor, and kill an Enclave Officer to get a clearance card. Open the door, and the 'Door Control' terminal will be unlocked. You may want to hack the other terminal to get the robots to take care of the Enclave for you.

Head to the top of the Satellite Tower, and go into the terminal. You have two choices, to call an air strike on the Citadel or the Adams Air Force Base.

The Brotherhood will have a Vertibird waiting, so go on and finish the quest.

[edit] Notes

  • Choosing to Destroy the Citadel will cause all Brotherhood members to be hostile in the game.
  • This is considered the last main quest of Fallout 3.

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