Water Beggars

Water Beggars
Carlos the water beggar.jpg
Location(s) Megaton
Rivet City
Tenpenny Tower
Received by Carlos
Reward(s) Good Karma

Water Beggars is an unmarked and repeatable quest in Fallout 3, and are also NPC's that can be encountered throughout the Capital Wasteland.

Purified Water is scarce in the harsh Wastes of D.C., and a lot of people die from Radiation sickness from drinking too much Irradiated Water. Occasionally you may encounter a Water Beggar, a man who's on the ground and close to death, who's life is in your hands. The man needs purified, and only purified water, or he might not live. Giving the water beggar water gives you +50 good karma. Denying him water and telling the man to find his one results in him dying when you change maps. However, if you tell them that you only have irradiated water or don't have any water, you will not lose any karma.

[edit] Karma

Three water beggars can be found throughout the game in various places. Water Beggars and giving away to church's are the most common way of "farming" good karma in Fallout 3, and because all three of them are near civilization or a place to sleep, it's relatively easy to do so.

Water Beggars are also a very good source of negative or bad karma in-game if you have the Broken Steel DLC. Contaminating the water with FEV in the purifier and giving the beggar Aqua Pura results in -50 karma.

[edit] Locations

Remember, if you tell them to find their own water they'll die in the next map change, and can never be talked to again except via console commands!

[edit] Notes

  • If the player tells a beggar to go find their own water, but gives them purified water afterwords, then the beggar will not die.
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