Warrington Trainyard

Warrington Trainyard
Warrington Trainyard.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Main Locals Feral Ghouls
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests Tenpenny Tower Quest

Warrington Trainyard is located in the far south-east of the Capital Wasteland, just west of Tenpenny Tower. You can enter it as part of the Tenpenny Tower Quest. The Trainyard will lead you to the Warrington Tunnels and eventually to Warrington Station where you'll find Roy Phillips and his gang of Ghouls who are trying to break into Tenpenny Tower.

In front of the Trainyard you will find a couple of Feral Ghouls and possibly a Glowing One. The Trainyard has a small amount of Radiation in the area, if shouldn't cause you too much trouble unless you stand close to it for too long.

[edit] Notes

  • There's a small, L-shaped shack next to the Trainyard entrance, in here you can find a poor conditioned Sniper Rifle and some .308 Rounds.
  • If you've added the Broken Steel DLC pack you might find a Feral Ghoul Reaver instead of a Glowing One.
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