Walter's Scrap Metal

Walter's Scrap Metal
Location(s) Megaton
Received by Walter
Reward(s) 10 Caps or Good Karma and 5 Exp per Scrap Metal
Related Quests This Old House

Walter's Scrap Metal is an unmarked and repeatable quest in Fallout 3.

After fixing the pipes around Megaton as part of the quest Treatment, Walter will mention how the pipes will eventually just break again and that he needs Scrap Metal to maintain them. From this point on Walter will buy Scrap Metal for 10 caps. The player can do this throughout the game.

[edit] Rewards

  • 10 caps per piece of Scrap Metal, giving Walter the scrap metal without payment leads to +10 in good karma.
  • You get 5 XP for turning in one piece of scrap metal.

[edit] Notes

  • If you have The Pitt DLC downloaded, you could use the scrap metal in the ammo press.
  • Another similar quest named This Old House can be received in Underworld.

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