Walking with Spirits

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Walking with Spirits
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Location(s) The Ark & Dove Cathedral
Received by Desmond
Reward(s) 300 XP

Punga Power! Perk

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Hearing Voices

Walking with Spirits is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading the Point Lookout DLC expansion. The quest is available immediately after completing The Local Flavor quest.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Locating The Tribals

After aiding Desmond in fending off the Triabls attacking Calvert Mansion, Desmond asks the player to infiltrate The Ark & Dove Cathedral. Desmond informs the player that this is the Tribal's base. He asks the player to uncover the reasoning behind the attacks. After venturing to the Cathedral, the player will find that the gates are locked and the area appears to be abandoned. However, the player will enter conversation with a guard via an intercom. The guard will claim that the Tribals don't "just take any recruit." However, he will send the player on their "rite of initiation."

The guard tasks the player with venturing to the Sacred Bog in the west to initiate the Ritual of the Mother Seed.

[edit] The Visions

Mother Punga

Upon entering the bog, the player will have to engage several Mirelurks and Mirelurk Hunters. After making it to the end grove, the player will have access to the Mother Punga. The area is littered with a number of Punga Fruits. It is recommended that the player takes the Punga Fruit before activating the Mother Punga. After taking the seeds from the Mother Punga, the player begins to spray out a gas, causing the player to fall over.

After the player wakes up, they will experience a number of hallucinations. These hallucinations take various forms, such as finding giant bobbleheads, called Schmault-Tec Bubbleheads (fake Vault-Tec Bobbleheads) which show the PC thoughts and feelings or make fun of his/her misfortunes. The player can also see a large saw, which appears to be cutting through the ground. It is possible to find Nuka-Cola Quantums that explode and make baby noises upon touching them.

The player can also see a large silver needle, which appears to be sewing the ground. Several nearby trees take the form of violins, playing music. As the player continues moving forward, they will be attacked by various invisible ghouls, although you won't take damage. The player will also venture through an upside down swamp and find the skeleton of the players mother.

In the water nearby, the player can find the bodies of several people encountered throughout the Capital Wasteland. The bodies include: Lucas Simms, Moira Brown, Amata, Elder Lyons and a Megaton Settler. Eventually the player will come across the Megaton bomb with a character similar to Mr. Burke, Mr. Break. Behind the bomb, the player can see the Washington Monument. Mr. Break warns the player not to move or you will be hurt. The bomb will then detonate and the player wakes up in front to the Scared Bog.

[edit] Returning To The Tribals

When the player returns to the Cathedral, they are permitted to enter. If the enters third-person, they will notice a large scar on their head. You will be unable to equip and headgear while the scar is present. The player can remove the scar by speaking with Nadine. She will explain that she originally came to Point Lookout in search of treasure. She will then give the player the key to enter the area beneath the Wrecked Seatub. This area is the sacred praying ground of the Tribal leader, Jackson. Speaking with Nadine will end the quest and begin the Hearing Voices questline.

[edit] Understanding the Visions

It is revealed at the end of the Point Lookout questline that Tobar follows the player into the Sacred Bog. When the player falls unconscious, Tobar removes a piece of the players brain.

Before the player awakens, they will experience a number of hallucinations. These can be interpreted as follows:

  • The saw represents Tobar cutting the players head open.
  • The weird things, such as invisible ghouls and the upside bog may be that Tobar is removing a piece of the players brain.
  • The silver needle represents Tobar sewing the wound shut.
  • Mr. Break warning the player not to move is actually Tobar talking to you will you are knocked out.
  • The "Bubbleheads" show the Lone Wanderer's doubts, fears and confusion.

[edit] Bubbleheads

The player can find seven "Schmault-Tec Bubbleheads" during the hallucination. Each bubblehead represents one of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes. Each bubblehead mocks the player or shows the Lone Wanderer's innermost feelings.

  • Intelligence: "Tsk. Tsk. Walked right into another trap. Exactly how stupid are you?"
  • Strength: "This is one situation you're not going to be able to fight your way out of."
  • Endurance: "Keep it up, you're almost there... wherever 'there' may be... probably nowhere."
  • Agility: "Isn't it funny how everything you get close to ends up leaving?"
  • Perception: "This doesn't look right, not right at all."
  • Charisma: "Blech. If my kid looked like that, I'd abandon it too."
  • Luck: "Dead mother, life in a post-nuclear Wasteland and not a friend in it. Yeah, you aren’t exactly blessed"
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