Race Robot
Location Megaton
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

Wadsworth is your own Mister Handy robot butler that you can acquire by completing the Power of the Atom quest by disarming the atomic bomb.

Wadsworth can do the following things for the player:

  • Give the player a free haircut.
  • Give the player 5 free Purified Water. After this, it takes him 7 days for his water supply to recuperate.
  • Tell the player a joke. He can only tell the player one joke at a time.
  • Give the player instructions for any of their House Improvements.

If the player listens carefully when conversing with Wadsworth, they can hear him make remarks about how he doesn't want to work. An example of this is when Wadsworth says, "How may I serve you Master?" he will immediately follow this with "...not that I really want to." Take note that these remarks do not appear in dialogue subtitles.

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