WKML Broadcast Station

WKML Broadcast Station
WKML Station.jpg
Location North-West of Capital Wasteland
Appearances Fallout 3

The WKML Broadcast Station is located directly south of Fort Constantine, and west of Drowned Devil's Crossing. It's radio signal is Signal Kilo Bravo, activated by the HAM radio located in the sealed cistern south of the building. A random encounter can occur here by approaching the area from the north, heading up the stairs.

Inside the Sealed Cistern is a small area with the Bobblehead-Explosives. It contains 3-4 bottles of Purified Water, some Rad-X and some Rad Away, and a Stealth Boy. If having trouble finding this cistern, go straight from the staircase south until you hit the rocks. Then head behind the building until you get the southeast corner. Drop down onto the ground and the cistern should be to the east. Be warned, however, there are a group of raiders that will follow you into the cistern, possibly trapping you if you wish to avoid a conflict.

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