VB-02 Vertibird Concept

The Vertibird or VB-02 VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) craft is a pre-war military multipurpose Tiltwing aircraft extensively used by the Enclave in post-war America. It has an armament array of a Gatling Laser and missile rack. The Vertibird has a large wrench that can haul even Deathclaw cages.

By 2077 the Vertibird was still in prototype stages, and wasn't scheduled for active service until 2085. However, any aircraft that were already complete were taken by the Enclave and loyalists and presumably taken to their bases or shelters. The Enclave have now mass produced the Vertibird and it is now used as their main transportation method. The Vertibird, capable of bombing runs and close air support, strike fear into the hearts of the Enclaves rivals.

Their are two versions of the VB-02 Vertibird used by the Enclave:

  • A transport-orientated version with a glass canopy, six legs, and a large cargo bay
  • A dedicated gunship version with a more heavily armored hull, three or four (depending on model) retractable landing struts, and greater maneuverability.

[edit] Vertibirds In Combat

Although mainly used for transportation purposes, Vertibirds will attack you on sight, dealing massive amounts of damage. Occasionally you may find a Vertibird on a bombing excursion in an area infested with Super Mutants or the Talon Company. It will drop a number of Mini Nukes on the area before departing at unmatched speeds. Great care must be taken, as one Mini Nuke may kill the player.

Winterized Vertibird From Operation: Anchorage

The nose-mounted Gatling Laser is often used with extreme precision and can deal great damage upon the player.

Thankfully, Vertibirds aren't seen until late into the game and will only do their set objectives before departing the area, such as dropping off Enclave soldiers. Occasionally you may find parked Vertibirds throughout the Wasteland, such as near Vault 101 or the Capitol Building.

[edit] Destroying Vertibirds

Cockpit view of a Vertibird

Vertibirds cannot be engaged in V.A.T.S., but may be destroyed through constant fire or heavy ordnance weaponry. Weapons such as the Fat Man or Plasma Rifle can dispatch Vertibirds quickly. The Tesla Cannon obtained from Broken Steel destroys Vertibirds in one shot. In doing so, the crew and troops are also destroyed, without awarding experience or equipment.

[edit] Notes

  • Liberty Prime is capable of destroying Vertibirds in one hit from his Laser. He may also destroy parked Vertibirds with thrown Mini Nukes.

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