Vault Dweller

Vault Dweller Exiled from V13.

The Vault Dweller is the main player-character in the first installment of the series, Fallout. Like the name implies he/she was born in a vault, Vault 13. Like all the other player characters he can be designed and tweaked to the players liking (such as gender and facial structure), so he/she has no set appearance. The player can do this at the beginning of the game.

[edit] Events of Fallout

In Fallout, the Vault Dweller is sent by the Vault 13 Overseer to replace the broken water chip. He points you towards Vault 15, and gives you a weapon and ammunition to start your adventure.

The quest to fix the water chip begins much larger when the Vault Dweller ends up defeating the Masters Super Mutant army in the Mariposa Military Base, destroying their stockpiles of FEV, and doing other good or bad deeds in the Wasteland.

Upon returning to Vault 13 you are exiled from the vault by the Overseer out of fear that the inhabitants of the shelter will follow you into the Wastes.

[edit] Events of Fallout 2

Despite this many people follow the Vault Dweller, and with the help of his new companions, establish the small town of Arroyo. This is the birthplace of the Chosen One, the vault dwellers direct descendant, and the whole reason why the Chosen One goes on his quest to find the GECK.

The Vault Dweller is mentioned from time to time in Fallout 2.

[edit] Notes

  • There is a statue of the Vault Dweller in the Shady Sands (capital of the NCR), so he is widely known throughout the west.
  • In the beginning Fallout 2 manual the Vault Dwellers memoirs are found.
  • The Vault Dweller fell in love with a ex-vault inhabitant named Pat. Since the player could be male or female the name is androgynous.

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