Race Human
Affiliation The Family
Location Meresti Station
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:


Vance's Longcoat Outfit



Vance is the leader of the cannibalistic cult known as The Family who resides in the Meresti Station.

Vance is equipped with a unique Longcoat Outfit and a Shishkebab, both can be obtained by killing or reverse-pickpocketing him.

[edit] Blood Ties

Main Article: Blood Ties

Vance and the rest of The Family will be encountered during this quest after a boy called Ian West goes missing from Arefu; The Family are considered the main suspects. At the end of the quest you can make a deal with Vance. The deal is that The Family will protect the town of Arefu instead of raiding it, in exchange Arefu will donate Blood Packs to The Family in order to stop them feeding on humans.

For helping them Vance will reward you with a Shishkebab Schematics. He will also give you the chance to gain the Hematophage perk which will increase the amount of Hit Points you receive when using Blood Packs from 1 HP to 20 HP.

[edit] I Want to Drink Your Blood

Main Article: I Want to Drink Your Blood

After making the deal with Vance you can sell Blood Packs to him for 15 caps each.

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