Van Buren

Van Buren
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Developer Black Isle Studios
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
  • PC
  • Release Date Canceled in 2003
    Genre RPG
    Ratings n/a

    Van Buren is the project name of a game Black Isle Studios (the orginal creators of Fallout) were going to make for the PC. It was supposed to be fully 3D, and feature a new game engine. The game was canceled in 2003 when the game was almost finished. Van Buren was supposed to be their version of Fallout 3.


    [edit] Setting

    Like all the other games, Van Buren was supposed to take place post-apocalyptic America after a nuclear exchange between all of the worlds superpowers.

    Van Buren was originally supposed to take place somewhere in the west. According to Black Isles it was going to be set somewhere around 2253.

    All of the Fallout and Fallout 2 enemies were going to be in the game, plus new ones. The NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, and Caesar's Legion were set to appear.

    [edit] Story

    The story begins with the wanderer in a prison cell. Black Isles added two options, you could be an innocent person that was wrongly accused, or a criminal.

    Missiles hit the prison, and the wanderer breaks out and goes into the Wasteland to make a name for himself. The player would have to avoid the robots that wanted to take him back to the prison, some corrupt NCR soldiers, and uncover a mad scientist's sinister plot.

    Inventory in Van Buren.

    [edit] Features

    • The game was going to be in 3D.
    • Black Isle was going to introduce a choice of turn-based combat or real time combat.
    • Choices the player makes would effect the game more.

    [edit] Tech Demo

    A tech demo of Van Buren was released by the site No Mutants Allowed. It is incredibly buggy, but it gives you a taste of what Van Buren would have been. The article and download link is here.

    [edit] Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas

    Many ideas were borrowed from Van Buren to create Fallout 3 and FoNV. Some factions like Caesar's Legion and the Powder Gangs that were originally going to appear in Van Buren are set to appear in Fallout New Vegas. Bethesda has said that a lot of the new guns in Fallout 3 resembles those in Van Buren.

    [edit] Notes

    • Black Isle has never announced the real name of Van Buren.

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