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Hi I'm Reason, now a staff member on this wiki. :)


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Wiki Goals

Completing the Fallout 3 section

This is a rough list of things that need to be done for Fallout 3. They're in order of priority. If anything is missing then feel free to add it on!

New Pages

  • Locations (including all of the metro tunnels, districts, etc).
  • Items (the junk items with no value or use are less of a priority).
  • Characters (this may already be done).
  • Clothing and Apparel (not sure how many there are left? i think there are a few).
  • Organization a.k.a pre war company.

Content on Pages

  • Make sure every quest page has a good walkthrough. (just missing some of the DLC and unmarked ones)
  • Make sure all character, location, item, weapon and apparel pages have a detailed description with as much info as possible (so each stub can be removed).

Structure, Organization and Layout

  • Give every page the same layout with necessary ==sub headings== i.e. ==[[Quest (name here)]]==, ==Loot==, ==Notes== *add example here*
  • Make sure every page has the redirects that it needs so that people can find what they're looking for through the search (if someone typed in 'bobble head' and the page was actually 'bobblehead', without a redirect there's a chance nothing would show up).


Item Locations

{| border="1" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="2" style="border-collapse:collapse; "text-align: width: 50%" 
|- style="background:#a7a67c;"



|title = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.jpg|300px]]
|imagecaption =
|label1 = Location
|data1 = [[Capital Wasteland]]
|label2 = Leader
|data2 = [[]]
|label3 = Residents
|data3 = [[]]
|label4 = Appearances
|data4 = [[Fallout 3]]
|label5 = Places of Interest
|data5 = 
|label6 = Related Quests
|data6 = [[]]


Misc Items

[[Category:Fallout 3 Items]]

|title = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.jpg|300px]]
|imagecaption =
|label1 = Uses
|data1 = [[]]<br>[[Rock-It Launcher]] ammo
|label2 = Appearances
|data2 = [[Fallout 3]]
|label3 = Weight
|data3 = 
|label4 = Value
|data4 = 

Unmarked Quests

[[Category:Fallout 3 Unmarked Quests]][[Category:Quest Needs Walkthrough]] {{stub}}
|title = {{PAGENAME}}
|image = [[File:{{PAGENAME}}.jpg|300px]]
|label1 = Location(s)
|data1 = [[]]
|label2 = Received by
|data2 = [[]]
|label3 = Reward(s)
|data3 = 
|label4 = Related Quests
|data4 = 

[[{{PAGENAME}}]] is an unmarked and repeatable quest in [[Fallout 3]].