Location The Pitt
Leader Ashur
Main Local(s): Squill


Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest The Pitt Underground

Abandoned Apartments

Related Quests: Free Labor

Uptown is a location found within The Pitt. You gain access to Uptown after defeating Gruber in The Hole during the Unsafe Working Conditions quest. Uptown is inhabited by Pitt Raiders. These are Radiers that work for Ashur. No slave can gain access to Uptown without earning there freedom in The Hole, Gruber, Squill and Reddup are the only three slaves to achieve this.

Uptown will lead you to the Abandoned Apartments which is a building infested with Trogs. It's also the location of the Hat of the People. Uptown also lead you to Haven, where the Pitt leader Ashur can be found.

[edit] Residents

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[edit] Notes

Uptown is based on Oakland, an area of Pittsburgh.

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