Unique Weapons and Schematics (Fallout 3)

[edit] Unique Weapons

Alien Blaster
The Alien Blaster can be obtained from the body of a dead alien lying a few feet away from his crashed spaceship. The spaceship is found west of Greener Pastures Disposal. It is not marked on the map. You'll know you're getting close when you pick up the "Recon Craft Theta" radio signal.

Blackhawk - .44 Magnum
The Blackhawk is a powerful scoped .44 Magnum given as a reward for bringing Agatha music paper.

Eugene - Minigun
Eugene is a minigun which can be obtained from completing the Reilly's Rangers quest. The upgraded minigun starts off in very good condition. It can be repaired with standard miniguns.

Fisto! - Unarmed
The Fisto! (Variation of a Power Fist with more damage) can be found on the second level of the MDPL-13 Power station. This is Northwest of Minefield. Inside the Power plant are Ghouls aplenty and a single Glowing Ghoul that can hit quite hard, you've been warned Wastelander!

Jack - Melee
A more powerful version of the Ripper. Can be found inside the Deathclaw Sanctuary on an Enclave Soldier corpse.

Lincoln's Repeater - .44 Rifle
Lincoln's Repeater is a .44 rifle, with a 15-round magazine. It is located, in perfect condition, inside of a display case in the top floor of the Museum of American History offices.

Ol' Painless - Hunting Rifle
Ol' Painless is a slightly more powerful hunting rifle. Can be found inside a safe in The Republic of Dave Capitol Building.

Protectron's Gaze - Laser Pistol
Protectron's Gaze is a unique version of the AEP7 Laser Pistol. It is awarded after handing The AntAgonizer's armor to The Mechanist and deals considerably more damage than the normal AEP7 Laser Pistol.

Reservist's Rifle - Sniper
This scoped rifle is used by and drops from the Drifter in Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel.

Smuggler's End - Laser Pistol
Smuggler's End is a unique version of the AEP7 Laser Pistol. It is Elder Lyons' personal weapon and is located in his private safe in the B-Ring of the Citadel. It is found in mint condition and can be easily repaired with regular laser pistols.

The Terrible Shotgun - Shotgun
The Terrible Shotgun is a small gun. It is found in the Evergreen Mills bar off of Smiling Jack (you can kill him with no Karma effect). It can be repaired with Combat Shotguns.

The Shocker - Glove
A type of power glove, found in the Flooded Metro.

Vengeance - Gatling Laser
A very high powered Gatling Laser. Vengeance can be found in the Deathclaw Sanctuary, located in the Northwest corner of the map. The Sanctuary is filled with a ridiculous amount of Deathclaws so prepare for a fight. The Vengeance itself is found in a pool of blood and guts deep inside the Sanctuary, partly hidden by an overhanging rock formation.

Wazer Wifle - Laser Rifle
The Wazer Wifle is a unique version of the AER9 Laser Rifle which may be purchased in Little Lamplight from a child named Biwwy for 500 caps, it also maybe received freely through dialogue if you have the Child at Heart perk. Biwwy stands near the back of the Great Chamber. This weapon looks exactly the same as the regular laser rifle, but does a bit more damage. It is received in near-perfect condition. It may be repaired using the standard AER9 Laser Rifle.

Xuanlong Assault Rifle
The Xuanlong Assault Rifle is a unique modified Chinese Assault Rifle. It has an extended magazine (36 rounds instead of 24) and does additional damage. It is found on Prime's body in the diner near the Jury Street Metro Station. The location of the Jury Street Metro Station can be discovered by completing the computer puzzle in the Museum of Technology (Tech Museum Loot). You need to do the quest for the body to appear at the diner.

[edit] Weapon Schematics

There's three (3) Schematics for each weapon, apart from the Bottle-Cap Mine and Rock-It Launcher, which have four (4).

The more Schematics you have + the higher your Repair Skill, the stronger the Weapon will be.

The Schematics are available

Rock-It Launcher #1
Merchant Trader Caravan - Sold by Crazy Wolfgang

Rock-It Launcher #2
Quest, 'Trouble on the Homefront' - Behind your mothers favourite Bible verse plaque.

Rock-It Launcher #3
Megaton - Crater Side Supplies - Sold by Moira Brown

Rock-It Launcher #4
Rivet City - In the Bridge Tower third floor armory.

Nuka Grenade #1
Merchant Trader Caravan - Sold by Doc Hoff

Nuka Grenade #2
Misc Quest - The Nuka-Cola Challenge

Nuka Grenade #3
Cliffside Cavern - Hidden inside Yao Guai Cave, follow left wall, drop down and look for the rock surrounded by skeletons.

Shishkebab #1
Merchant Trader Caravan - Sold by Lucky Harith

Shishkebab #2
Brotherhood Outcast Shack - On a table, near a Work Bench, close to SatCom Array NN-03d.

Shishkebab #3
Meresti Trainyard - Misc Quest 'Blood Ties'

Deathclaw Gauntlet #1
Mini Encounter - Wounded Deathclaw - On wounded Wastelander.

Deathclaw Gauntlet #2
F. Scott Key Trail & Campground - In the caravan, in the picnic area.

Deathclaw Gauntlet #3
Rivet City - Freeform Quest 'Council Seat' - Reward from Bannon.

Railway Rifle #1
MDPL-13 Power Station - Inside, on a Work Bench.

Railway Rifle #2
Rivet City - Misc Quest 'Stealing Independence' Award from Abraham Washington, within the Capitol Preservation Society.

Railway Rifle #3
Underworld (Museum of History) - Underworld Outfitters, sold my Tulip.

Dart Gun #1
MDPL-05 Power Station - On ground, near skeleton.

Dart Gun #2
Temple of the Union - Misc Quest 'Head of State'

Dart Gun #3
Tenpenny Tower - Sold by Lydia Montenegro.

Bottlecap Mine #1
Little Lamplight - Sold by Knick Knack

Bottlecap Mine #2
Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop (North West of Tenpenny Tower) - On the Work Bench, inside the shack.

Bottlecap Mine #3
Tenpenny Tower - Freeform Quest 'A Manhandled Manservant' - Inside Dashwood's safe.

Bottlecap Mine #4
Craterside Supply - Misc Quest 'The Wasteland Survival Guide' - Awarded by Moira Brown.

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