Trouble on the Homefront

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Trouble on the Homefront
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Location(s) Vault 101
Received by Amata
Reward(s) Modified Utility Jumpsuit
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[edit] Quest Objectives

This quest will become active after completing The Waters of Life quest. If you head back to Vault 101 or somewhere close by like Springvale or Megaton, a Vault 101 Distress Signal will appear on your Pip-Boy. Listen to the distress signal and you'll hear Amata's voice saying the Vault has been thrown into chaos since you left and she needs you help. She has changed the password to the main door so you can get in.

[edit] Re-entering Vault 101

Head back to Vault 101 and open the main door, go through the next door in front of you and you'll bump into Officer Gomez, after you aggressively demand it, he will lead you to Amata. Along the way you'll see an argument break out between Officer Taylor and a member of the Tunnel Snakes called Freddie, this will end with Taylor almost shooting Freddie.

Follow Officer Gomez down to your Father's old clinic where you'll find Amata and the other rebels. Amata will explain that after you left, she discovered that the Vault had been opened multiple times in the past. This discovery split the Vault in two factions; Amata's rebels who want regular access to the Capital Wasteland and the Overseer's group who want the Vault door to remain closed.

Amata's rebels don't want to completely abandon the Vault, (except Butch) they just want regular access to the Wasteland for food and trading, they also want to help re-populate the vault which has seen it's population decrease dramatically in the 200 years since it closed.

You can also find out on the Overseer's terminal that Enclave have been spotted outside of Vault 101 on several occasions trying to gain access. This is one of the main reasons the Overseer wants to keep the door shut. He's also worried about the amount of Radiation and Mutation found in the Wasteland, by opening the door he believes he's endangering the health of the residents and the future of the vault itself.

[edit] The Choices

There are 3 main paths to take within in Vault 101 and multiple routes for each path. You can choose to side with Amata, side with the Overseer and side with neither and just do things your way.

[edit] Help the Rebels

The Rebels make their feelings clear

There are 3 ways to go about helping the Rebels, the quickest and easiest is to just kill the Overseer, this won't make Amata very happy especially if it's her father Alphonse. If you killed Alphonse during the Escape! quest, Officer Mack will become Overseer, if this happens killing him is your only option as Mack cannot be reasoned with.

If Alphonse is still in charge, you can use a Speech check to convince him that the Vault's population won't last longer than another generation in the current state. He will finally accept this and agree to open the Vault. There's also a terminal in the Security Office which can be hacked or you can find the password on Officer Wilkins' body. On the terminal you'll find out that the security team plan on killing off all the rebels without the Overseer's permission. Show this to Alphonse and he'll automatically agree to open the vault .

Both of the above solutions will result in Alphonse stepping down as Overseer and making Amata the new Overseer. Amata will thank you for all your help, but then asks you to leave Vault 101 forever. Despite the fact that you just saved the rebels, she still blames you for all the trouble caused in the vault and believes that it would be better off without you. If you choose this path, you will occasionally see Vault 101 residents traveling the Wasteland on trading missions. Butch will be the only one to permanently leave the Vault, he will end up in the Muddy Rudder at Rivet City. If you have Neutral Karma he can join you as a Companion.

[edit] Help the Overseer

Amata can be convinced into keeping the Vault shut via a Speech check, doing this will result in Good Karma. You can also hack into the Overseer's terminal to find out that the Enclave have been making attempts to enter the Vault, show the information to Amata and she'll agree that it's best to keep the door closed.

If you talk to Alphonse after he still won't be very thankful to you and will ask you to leave. You can talk to him about the G.E.C.K. and he'll say Vault 101 never had one and strangely, he'll offer you a Modified Utility Jumpsuit instead.

The Vault can also be kept closed by ignoring the signal all together. After a certain period of time it will disappear from your Pip-Boy.

[edit] Destroy the Vault

In the sub-basement on the bottom level of the Vault, you will find a terminal. This terminal can be hacked or you can get the pass code from Stanley Armstrong who can be found near the Cafeteria. Once you gain access to the terminal you have the option of flushing the water chip, this will cut off the vault's access to fresh water and will cause everyone in the vault to evacuate.

After flushing the chip you can go to either Amata or the Overeer and blame it on the other one. If you tell Alphone that it was the rebels' idea, he will blame himself for everything that's happened and will remain in the Vault to die.

All of the Vaults residents will become scattered into the Capital Wasteland, none of the residents except Amata and Butch have any further purpose in the game and will usually be found dead in the Wasteland, those who are found alive will likely be hostile towards you.

Butch will travel to Rivet City and can be found in the Muddy Rudder, if you have Neutral Karma he can join you as a Companion. Amata can be found being interrogated by the Enclave as part of a random encounter. If she tells them the location of Vault 101 she will be executed, if you manage to save her, she will run away. You can no longer talk to Amata she will just keep running and cursing you for all the trouble you've caused.

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