Race Mutant
Affiliation n/a
Appearances The Pitt
Drops Items:


Trogs are a new species found in Fallout 3's second DLC pack, The Pitt. They are similar to Ghouls because they are both former humans that were affected by the high radiation levels left after the Great War. However, the Trogs also had to deal with the high levels of Polution in The Pitt which combined with the radiation to make a much more aggressive and animistic creature.

Even the strongest of Trogs should be an easy kill, they are generally weak creatures. Their strongest attributes are their speed and numbers, they move on all fours and are much faster than an average human. They usually travel in groups of two or three but there are certain areas in the Steel Yard where you'll have to deal with four, five or six at once.

There are four different types on Trog in The Pitt:

  • Fledgling Trog - One of the weakest creatures in the game, their health is around the same level as a Bloatfly.
  • Trog - The most common type you'll come across, their bigger than the Fledglings but they're only as strong as a Feral Ghoul.
  • Trog Brute - These are often encountered when playing at with a high level character or by playing on Very Hard mode. They look no different than a normal Trog but their strength is similar to an average Raider.
  • Trog Savage - There's only a few of these in the game to deal with. They look bigger and more muscular than an average Trog. Their strength and health is about the same as a Mirelurk Hunter or a Giant Radscorpion.

[edit] Van Buren

In Van Buren, Trogs were set to make an appearance, having a completely different appearance, looking more human than the Pitt counterpart. One of their hideouts was Hoover Dam. The dam also appears in Fallout: New Vegas, but the creatures have been unconfirmed to appear in the game.

[edit] Notes

In Point Lookout, Obadiah Blackhall refers to the Lone Wanderer as a troglodyte. He wasn't referring to the player as one of the creatures from The Pitt, but rather referring to the original meaning of a deliberately ignorant person.

Trogs have a fairly similar appearance to the cave dwelling creatures from the horror movie The Descent (2005).

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