Tree Father Birch

Tree Father Birch
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Oasis
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Apparel:


Tree Father Birch is a resident of Oasis and lead of the "Treeminders". He is the husband of Leaf Mother Laurel and the father of Sapling Yew.

When the player first enters Oasis, Birch will speak with you, initiating the Oasis Quest. If the player has the Animal Friend or Life Giver Perks, you will be able to access a special part of the conversation. These, however, have no effect on the Quest.

During the Oasis Quest Birch will give the player Birch's Sap and tells the player this will prevent Harold from growing. He asks that you use it on Harold's heart. If the player applies Birch's Sap to Harold's Heart, Birch will reward you with Maple's Garb. Branchtender Cypress will also give you a Missile Launcher and one or two Missiles.

Birch views himself as the leader of the group both physically and spiritually. He views himself as a priest, worshiping a God, that God being Harold.

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