Tranquility Lane

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Tranquility Lane
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Location(s) Vault 112
Received by Betty
Reward(s) 300 XP
Related Quests -Scientific Pursuits

-The Waters of Life

Tranquility Lane is a Fallout 3 main-quest and a trophy/achievement.


[edit] Quest Objectives

The Tranquility Lane quest begins when you enter the Tranquility Lounger in Vault 112. Completing the Scientific Pursuits quest will lead you straight to Vault 112, however it's not necessary to follow the quest line in order to start Tranquility Lane, it can be started at any time by entering the vault, so if you don't want skip half the main quest it's recommended that you stay away from Smith Casey's Garage until the Scientific Pursuits quest.

Upon entering the Tranquility Lounger, you mind will be transported into a virtual simulation, inside you'll meet what appears to be a young girl named Betty, however this is really Stanislaus Braun, the Overseer of Vault 112 and the creator of Tranquility Lane and the G.E.C.K.. Braun has been controlling Tranquility Lane for over 200 years, his body is being kept alive by a stasis chamber that can be found in the overseer office in Vault 112.

View of Tranquility Lane

In order to find information of your father and escape Tranquility Lane, you will have to complete a number of violent tasks set by Betty. Completing theses tasks will result in a lot of Bad Karma, if you want to avoid Bad Karma, you will have to find the fail safe code which will deactivate Tranquility Lane and give you Good Karma.

[edit] Betty's Tasks

Betty will set you 4 tasks to complete in order to find your dad and leave Tranquility Lane. The first 3 tasks will have multiple solutions, picking the most violent solution will make Betty much happier.

[edit] Make Timmy Cry

  • The simplest solution is to punch Timmy or hit him with the Rolling Pin, which can be found on the kitchen table in the Rockwell Residence.
  • If you're successful in a Speech check you can convince him that his parents are getting divorced and it's all his fault.
  • A more creative solution is to take the Military School Pamphlet from the Neusbaum house, give it to Timmy and tell him that his parents are planning on sending him away.
  • The most brutal solution is to kill Timmy's parents, then tell him what you have done or wait for him to discover their bodies.

[edit] Break Up The Rockwells' Marriage

  • The easiest solution is to successfully use a Speech check to convince Mrs. Rockwell that her husband is cheating on her, she will believe you without much convincing or evidence.
  • In Martha Simpson's house you'll find a pair of Lacy Underwear on her bed, take them and place them down to the Rockwell's basement. Head back upstairs and tell Mrs. Rockwell to check out the basement, once she discovers the underwear you can tell her that Mr. Rockwell is cheating on her or that he's a cross-dresser.
  • Mrs. Rockwell's diary can be found in the Rockwell's house, by reading it you'll find out that Mrs. Rockwell wants to kill Martha Simpson. Now take the Rolling Pin from the kitchen and beat Martha Simpson to death with it, then find Mr. Rockwell tell him about Martha and the diary.

[edit] Kill Mrs. Henderson

You cannot kill Mrs. Henderson by beating her to death. Betty insists on a creative death.

  • Head to the top of the stairs in Mrs. Henderson's house and rig the chandelier to fall when she walks under it.
  • You can activate a roller skate so that it's placed at the top of the stairs, when Mrs. Henderson tries to go upstairs she'll slip on it and fall to her death.
  • You can sabotage her oven so that it leaks gas, then ask her to make you a pie. When she goes to light the oven she'll be set on fire and burn to death.
  • You can disable her household robots security check, enable the security system while she is in the house, locking the door and cause the robot to kill her while running amok.

[edit] Kill Everyone

Talk to Betty again and she say that you are to kill everyone in the town under the disguise of the Pint-Sized Slasher, a character that has been programmed into the residents minds as a mythical serial killer. Once you put on the mask that can be found in the doghouse next to the Abandoned House, everyone except Betty and her dog will run away from you. Some of the residents can be hard to kill because they're faster than you, or because the keep running in and out of houses. Once everyone is dead, return to Betty who will congratulate you and tell you that your dad has been there the whole time, watching everything you've done in the form of Betty's dog. You are now free to leave the simulation and return to the Capital Wasteland.

[edit] The Fail Safe Solution

You can avoid all of Betty's evil tasks by heading straight to the Abandoned House. Inside you find many objects around you which make a different tone when activated, the aim is to find the right sequence of tones to activate the fail safe. You will find Betty whistling the the correct tune in the middle of Tranquility Lane. the order is:

  • Radio
  • Pitcher
  • Gnome
  • Pitcher
  • Cinder Block
  • Gnome
  • Bottle

Once you have the right sequence a computer will appear. On the computer select the "Chinese Invasion", this will result in a group of Chinese Soldiers entering the simulation and killing everyone except you, Betty and the dog. You will receive Good Karma for this because once the soldiers kill the residents, they will die outside of the simulation as well, meaning that after 200 years they are no longer puppets in Stanislaus Braun's sick little game, they are finally free.

Braun on the other hand, programmed Tranquility Lane so that he could not be killed, meaning that he is now stuck all alone in his simulation for eternity.

[edit] Outside of Tranquility Lane

Once you find yourself back in Vault 112, you finally meet your dad again for the first time since he left Vault 101, he explains that he was in Vault 112 looking for information leading to the G.E.C.K. where he made the stupid mistake of getting himself sucked into Tranquility Lane. He then tells you that he's heading back to Rivet City to meet up with Dr. Li to restart work on Project Purity and asks you to join him. Your answer has no effect on the storyline, if you agree to join him, the Tranquility Lane quest ends and you travel to Rivet City to begin The Waters of Life quest. If you choose not to join him, then he heads back to Rivet City alone and you can find him there at any time to start the next quest.

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