Tin Can

Tin Can
Tin Cans.JPG
A dozen or so tin cans on a table
Uses Nuka Grenade
Rock-It Launcher ammo
Appearances Fallout 3
Weight 1
Value 1

Tin Cans are one of the most common junk or miscellaneous items found in the Capital Wasteland. They aren't completely useless however, being a component needed to make the Nuka Grenade.

They are so common that at least one can be found in every household in the Capital Wasteland. Tin Cans can be used as Rock-It Launcher ammo, so if you have grown accustomed to that weapon it is best to save them.

[edit] Blood Ties

Main Article: Blood Ties

After completing this quest in Arefu, Brailee Ewers says she will give you a 'cookie' but gives you a tin can instead.

[edit] Notes

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