Ticking Timebomb

Ticking Timebomb
Ticking Timebomb.jpg
Location(s) Big Town
Received by Timebomb
Reward(s) Lucky 8 Ball


Related Quests n/a

Ticking Timebomb is an unmarked quest that can be obtained in Big Town. He is badly hurt, and can be found in Red's Clinic.

[edit] Healing Timebomb

If your Medicine skill is 50 or higher, you can heal Ticking Timebomb. He'll then give you his Lucky 8 Ball. You'll receive good karma.

[edit] Killing Timebomb

You have the option of killing Timebomb for negative karma in Red's Clinic. A message will appear in game telling you something along the lines of "You just opened an artery in Timebob, and murdered him. You bastard".

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