Three Dog

Three Dog
Three Dog.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Galaxy News Radio
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:




Weapons: N/A

Three Dog is the disc jockey that runs Galaxy News Radio, he plays classic tunes from the 1940's. He encourages revolution across the Wasteland and tells listeners to keep on "Fighting the Good Fight". He is protected by the Brotherhood of Steel in exchange for keeping a roof over their heads, and claims that it's because of the Brotherhood that he's still alive.

On the radio he gives pieces of advice and information to the people across the Wasteland, and frequent updates on what the player character is doing. What he says about you depends on your karma.

[edit] Galaxy News Radio Quest

Main Article: Galaxy News Radio Quest

Three Dog will ask the Lone Wanderer to bring him a satellite dish from the Museum of Technology, in return for information about James. Returning the dish will increase the strength of the radio's signal allowing the player to listen to the station across the whole Capital Wasteland.

[edit] Caching in with Three Dog

Main Article: Caching in with Three Dog

This unmarked quest can be started if the player heads to Rivet City and finds information about James before doing the Galaxy News Radio Quest. Three Dog will reward the player with a key to the weapons cache in Hamilton's Hideaway.

[edit] Notes

  • If Three Dog dies, a technician named Margarete will take his place, and only play music.
  • Three Dog has a unique head wrap called Three Dog's Head Wrap. It raises ones luck. You can obtain it by killing Three Dog or reverse pick-pocketing.

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