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Location(s) Grayditch
Received by Bryan Wilks
  • Lesko's Lab Coat
  • Ant Might or Ant Sight perk
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    Those! is a Fallout 3 side-quest and a trophy/achievement.


    [edit] Quest Objectives

    You can start this quest by talking to Bryan Wilks, he can be found running around between the Super Duper Mart and Wilhelm's Wharf. When you are moving around there, Bryan should come towards you telling you about Grayditch. His family was killed, he doesn't know anything about the other people from the neighborhood and he wants you to find his Father.

    [edit] Bryans Father

    When Giant Ants aren't enough, make them breath fire.
    As you ask Bryan Wilks about "a safe place to stay" he will heed towards Grayditch and hide in the Silo, beside the little Bar. Watch for the Fire Ants in the streets when you are following him and make your way to the house of the Wilks just around the Corner, besides the little wooden shack. Inside you will find Mr. Wilks´ dead body with a key in his pockets. Return to Bryan (using the Silo will open it), tell him about his father and enter the little wooden shack. Inside you can find a Holotape with the terminal password, or just hack it.

    [edit] Doctor Lesko

    With the information from Doctor Leskos terminal, go down into Marigold Station and make your way circa to the south. There are many ants in the tunnel system. From the main tunnel a door forks, it should open as soon as you come near and Doctor Lesko starts to talk to you. He just tried to increase the grow rate of the ants but something went terribly wrong (with a high science skill you can find out, that Lesko shortened the procedure using the FEV Virus). He could stop the procedure from his terminal down in the queens lair, but the problem is the guard-quintett. He wants you to go down in the hive and eliminate the 5 guards, so he can work again. (If you tell him that you need "a bit more motivation" he tells you, he wanted to give you just the Mutagen but now he´ll give you the Lesko's Lab Coat too)

    [edit] Queens Lair

    Don't forget to loot the ammo crates and exit through the backdoor and enter the hive through the wooden door. The guards should go down easily, in case use mines. When all the five guards are down there are several options:

    Return to Lesko and get the reward.

    Hack the terminal by the queen and destroy the mutagen samples. You will need a high speech skill to convince Lesko, that this was the only right thing or he will be hostile to you. You will get the same reward and good karma.

    Now, return to Bryan Wilks and tell him that you secured Grayditch.

    [edit] A New Home

    Bryan Wilks tells you, that he is all alone now and asks you for a new home. Again, there are several options:

    1) Just leave him.

    2) Tell him, that he is safe here - home sweet home.

    3) Find him a new home:

    a) Ask Bryan for an idea, where he can stay and he will mention his aunt, in Rivet City.If you haven't been there, you get the map marker now. She owns the Hotel in the Upper Deck of Rivet City. When you ask her about Bryan, shes very happy to watch out for him, so go back to Bryan Wilks - he is located in his family's house now- and tell him about his aunt.

    b) Bring Bryan Wilks to Little Lamplight.

    c) Use the Mesmetron on Bryan.

    d) Convince Doctor Lesko to take care of Bryan Wilks.

    [edit] Unmarked Quest

    In Marigold Metro Station there can be found a Holotape inside of a ticket counter, in the big hall, on the 1st floor platform. When you have the tape, look out for a yellow lamp beside a door, in the large main tunnels. It isn't hard to find, a metro wagon lies nearly in the door so look exactly. In the save is the Naughty Nightwear. When you loot the suit and try to leave the room, a named raider appears. You can convince him to leave you alone, or shoot him down. (It is the raider, that Sierra is speaking of. He came to Girdershade with friends...Ronald Laren shot them and was screaming at the named raider.)

    You can use the Naughty Nightwear for a long time for your speech challenges, or bring it back immediately to Ronald Laren in Girdershade.

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