The Velvet Curtain

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The Velvet Curtain
The Velvet Curtain.jpg
Location(s) The Homestead Motel
Received by Terminal
Reward(s) Backwater Rifle
Related Quests n/a

The Velvet Curtain is a side-quest that the player is given access to after downloading the Point Lookout DLC expansion.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Starting The Quest

To start the quest, the player must first travel to the Homestead Motel. To find find the Motel, head north of Pilgrim's Landing. Next, enter Room 1D and activate the nearby terminal. The player will then receive instructions to go to the lockers south of the motel. The key to these lockers are found within the briefcase lying on the bed.

Another way to start the quest is to the quest is to use the terminal within the Turtledove Detention Camp' Administration building.

Alternatively, the player can find a wanted poster (Seen above) and activate to start the quest.

[edit] Access The Lockers

The lockers are located on the right side of the boardwalk near the ferry. After opening the locker, the player will find a holotape that will instruct you to head over to the bank and use the password on the holotape to access Safety Deposit Box 1207. The box cannot be accessed without playing the password from the holotape.

[edit] Box 1207

Once the player reaches the People's Bank of Point Lookout, go to the safety deposit box. You will then need to activate the holotape to play the password and unlock the box. Open the box and take the "Espionage Debriefing" holotape. This will inform you of Agent Jiang's mission to search for his fellow agent Agent Yang and his mission to destroy a captured Chinese submarine.

[edit] Finding Agent Yang

The player will learn that Agent Yang has the codes to destroy the captured submarine within a molar in her teeth. Exit the bank and turn right. To the east the player will find the Naval Recruitment Center. Enter the Recruitment Center and activate the Officer's terminal Read the file "Field Report - Yang Capture/Transfer". The file will state that Agent Yang was captured by U.S. officials and brought to the Turtledove Detention Camp.

The Detention Camp is north of the Recruitment Center. Be careful as the camp is filled with robots and Feral Ghouls. At higher levels the player may find a Reaver. Enter the morgue and and open Yang's remains locker. Take the Submarine Self-Destruct Codes.

A safe way to enter the morgue is to go through the Septic Tunnels near a Trash Heap two-three squares southwest of the Detention Center.

[edit] Destroy The Submarine

The submarine is found underwater, to the south of Calvert Mansion and west of the Lighthouse. You can enter the submarine through a hatch. Move to the bow to activate the self-destruct and switch the fail-safe in the stern. You will have 30 seconds to escape the area after leaving the submarine.

If the player wishes to observe the explosion, they may swim to a nearby ship that is far enough from the blast radius.

[edit] Return To The Motel

Return to the hotel to receive new orders from the terminal. The terminal will state that you are to meet the head Chinese agent in a location under Calvert Mansion. The terminal will tell you to take the pair of Cryptochromatic Spectacles within the toilet tank within the room.

[edit] Reach The Bunker

Head to the Calvert Mansion and enter the greenhouse located to the west. Equip the Cryptochromatic Spectacles and look at the vases. Each vase will have a number of rings that represents a number. The sequence that the player will need to activate the vases in is 1,3,2,3,4,4,2. After doing this, a hatch will open in the floor near the second vase.

[edit] Escaping The Bunker

Inside the bunker the player will find a large amount of weapons and ammunition. When interrupted by a Protectron, give it the secret pass-phrase. Before following the Protectron, loot the weapons and ammo in the crates near the door.

After looting the items, follow the Protectron through the door. Enter the room and take the Backwater Rifle that is lying on the shelf. Activating the terminal will present a message stating that your funds have been wired to your "next of kin" and that you should honorably take your life. The chamber will then begin to fill up with radiation.

To escape, the player will need to climb up the lockers and crates to reach a run-off tunnel or you can repair a button on the right of the door to open it. The player can find a vent that they can turn of with a Repair skill of 31.

After escaping, the quest will end.

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