The Terrible Shotgun

The Terrible Shotgun
Combat Shotgun.png
Maximum Damage 80
Damage Type Normal
Ammo Type Shotgun Shell
Ammo Capacity 12
Weight 10

The Terrible Shotgun is a Small Guns weapon in Fallout 3. It's a unique variation of the Combat Shotgun with a higher damage rate. It also has a higher spread than the standard version, making it even less useful from long range, however at point blank range it's the most powerful Small Guns weapon in the game.

The Terrible Shotgun can be found on Smiling Jack in the bazaar at Evergreen Mills. Smiling Jack is the only non-hostile Raider in the game, he's a merchant that's interested in trading with you, however he won't trade the shotgun, so the easiest way to get it is to kill him and loot his corpse. The Terrible Shotgun can be repaired with regular Combat Shotguns. The player will not lose karma for killing him.

This weapon degrades surprisingly quickly with use, so extra Combat Shotguns are needed for repairs. On the other hand, critical hit damage for this weapon is 40, multiply that by 9, the amount of pellets (since critical damage is applied individually to pellets) and you get 360 damage. Throw in the Better Criticals perk and you get 540 due to the 50% increase the perk gives. Also, a sneak attack critical doubles the whole thing, so add the base damage of 80 and double the whole thing. You get 1240 damage, pair that with a headshot. Beastly.

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