The Surgeon

The Surgeon
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Red Racer Factory
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



The Surgeon is a mad scientist found within the C.E.O's Office of the Red Racer Factory. The Surgeon has no preset gender and may show up as a Male or Female on the players game.

When the player reaches the C.E.O's Office, it is possible to learn the The Surgeon has been experimenting with brain implants on the local threats of the factory. The Surgeon has installed a failsafe device which will cause the experiments head to exploded to hide any evidence of surgery. As the player combats the many Super Mutants and Ghouls, you may witness this failsafe device. If you have a high enough Science Skill, you can hack a nearby terminal which can cause the failsafe device to activate for all enemies within the Red Racer Factory, with the exception of Stefan, an enslaved Glowing One.

The Surgeon is on par with your average Wasteland Raider. He/She wields a Missile Launcher during combat with the player. If you shoot the Missile Launcher from his/her possession, The Surgeon may equip a random weapon, such as a Sniper Rifle or Chinese Assault Rifle.

It is interesting to note that The Surgeon is wearing a Vault scientist suit. It is possible that The Surgeon is from Vault 101. When searching The Surgeon's corpse, you can loot whatever weapon he/she was last carrying as well as a key for Stefan's cage. You can also take The Surgeon's Lab Coat.

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