The Superhuman Gambit

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The Superhuman Gambit
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Location(s) Canterbury Commons
Received by Uncle Roe
Reward(s) 200, 400 or 600 Caps (Depending on the path you take)
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The Superhuman Gambit is a Fallout 3 side-quest and a trophy/achievement.


[edit] Quest Objectives

To start the quest, head over to Canterbury Commons. It is directly North of Vault 108.

Once you get there, you will see two people fighting. The Mechanist and the AntAgonizer. After their argument, a battle will occur between The Mechanist's robots and the AntAgonizer's ants. After the fight, a man named Uncle Roe will talk to you. He will explain to you who those two people are. Ask him if you can help, and your quest will begin. Select the Speech option and if you succeed, you will get 400 Caps at the end instead of 200. He will ask you to talk to a Derek Pacion. Follow the way point to get to him, ask him about whichever one you want and he will give you the location.

[edit] The AntAgonizer's Lair

You must stop the war in Canterbury Commons
To locate the AntAgonizer, follow the way point, it's not too far from the town. Enter the caverns, but be warned, there are several frag mines planted. Continue along until you find some stairs, this will lead to a more rocky area, after going down the stairs there is a small sliver of radiated water you must cross, if you go over it, you're going the right way. Continue though the caverns until you find a door to the AntAgonizer's Lair. Walk to the rock in front of you and take a left. Now, you should be in her throne room.

Their is a much quicker route, that leads straight to her throne room. Head up to the top of the mountain above the AntAgonizer's Lair and you'll find a locked sewage pipe. If you have a Lockpick skill of at least 50 you can avoid fighting any Giant Ants.

Once in the throne room, approach the AntAgonizer, you can either;

  • Agree to help her kill The Mechanist, he will then enter her lair and attack you both.
  • Approach The AntAgonizer dressed in the Mechanist's costume, she will talk to you, then turn hostile.
  • Give her the Mechanist's Costume, she will reward you with a unique Knife called Ant's Sting.
  • If you talked to Joe Porter in Canterbury Commons before entering the AntAgonizer's lair he will tell you her real name is Tanya Christoff, if you have the Lady Killer/Black Widow perk or a high enough speech skill you can convince her to give up being a villain and go back to her normal life. she will give you her suit and leave the town.
  • Threaten or attack the AntAgonizer to make her turn hostile.

[edit] The Mechanist's Forge

The Mechanist can be found in the Robot Repair Center which is on a hill to the southwest of Canterbury Commons. The building is split into 4 sections, the office will be directly in front of you when you enter the building. Sector A, Sector B and The Mechanist's Forge can be found through a door to the right. There's also a locked elevator to the right (near sector B), if you have a Lockpick skill at 75 or over you can take the elevator straight to the Mechanist's Forge.

If you don't have the required Lockpick skill, head door the corridor to reach Sector B. The 2 Sectors are full of hostile Protectrons, Automated Turrets and Sentry Bots, there is also a control room between the two Sectors. In the control room, you can find a terminal which can shut down all robots in Sector B. There's another small control room at the back of Sector A which can shut down all the robots in that area. Head up the stairs in Sector A to a place that looks like a staff room, walk over to the coffee maker and press the activate button to open a secret door to the Mechanist's Forge.

Once inside you can;

  • Agree to help him defeat the AntAgonizer, she will then appear in the room and attack you both.
  • Approach The Mechanist dressed in the AntAgonizer's costume, he will turn hostile straight away.
  • Threaten or attack the Mechanist to make him turn hostile.

[edit] Reward

If you removed one of the superheroes Uncle Roe will reward you with 200 or 400 caps depending on how successful the speech check was at the start of the quest. If you disposed both superheroes (or convinced them to leave), you'll get an extra 200 caps.

Finishing this quest can unlock the unmarked quest Merchant Empire.

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