The Preacher

The Preacher
The Preacher.jpg
Location(s) Seward Square
Received by Wastelander
Reward(s) Mini Nukes

Frag Mines

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The Preacher is an unmarked quest and character in Fallout 3. The quest can be acquired in Seward Square, quite close to the Reilley's Rangers HQ.

The Preacher (called a Wastelander in-game) is found in an alleyway rigged with Frag Mines and Mini Nukes near the Rangers Headquarters. The Preacher is humorously "preaching" nonsense and threatening to blow himself up with the explosives in the alley, along with the player and his hostage (also named a Wastelander in-game). There are a few paths the player can take in the quest.


[edit] Convincing the Hostage

With a high enough Charisma the player can talk the hostage into trying to reason with The Preacher. The hostage will run down the alley and get blown to smithereens, because of the mines and mini nukes. This will kill the preacher, the hostage, and possibly a couple of Super Mutants nearby.

[edit] Killing the Preacher

This route can be more profitable to the player. Kill the preacher with a long ranged weapon like a Chinese Assault Rifle, and complete the quest. There will be no karma loss/gain. This can be a good choice because the player can run down the alley and take up to five Mini Nukes, and sell or use them as ammo for your Fat Man or MIRV. The Frag Grenades can be stored or sold as well.

The player can also achieve this by putting on a stealth boy while the preacher is alive and trying to sneak down the alley and take the explosives, but if the player is caught he/she is practically dead, so this route is not usually chosen.

[edit] Mini Nuke Locations

Locations of the mini nukes in the alley:

  • One next to a shopping cart.
  • One one a rock near the preachers door (you cannot go inside).
  • Two near a couple of metal barrels.
  • One on a merry-go-round.

[edit] Notes

  • You can kill the hostage and there will be no karma reduction.
  • The player can climb to where the preacher is talking from and kill him, but there is nothing worth looting on his body.
  • Even if you manage to pick up all of the mines and mini nukes, if the preacher sees you afterwords it will still cause the explosion.
  • The Frag Mines are not actually armed.
  • Even though most of what the preacher says is gibberish, he occasionally makes references to Oasis, such as the quote "Trees! So many trees! To the north! But be careful... the trees... are deadly, and the trees too will be consumed in the belly of the great fat worm!"
  • The player can find the preacher dead, a long with the hostage.
  • A couple of super mutants are nearby, and if the explosion is triggered, it could kill them.

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