The Pitt Bridge

The Pitt Bridge
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Pittsburgh's 10th Street Bridge as seen in this game.
Location The Pitt
Appearance Fallout 3, The Pitt
Related Quests Into The Pitt

[edit] Geography

Upon entering Pennsylvania, this location will be the second discovered by the protagonist. It is based on the 10th Street Bridge in the real Pittsburgh. The bridge is littered with mines that can be disabled. At the top of the second support structure is a lone Pitt Raider, who snipes any slaves that may be arriving or leaving. He can be reached by a large ramp on the right side of the bridge close to the structure.
The river underneath, (most likely the Monongahela river) is extremely irradiated and swimming in it is not recommended. The bridge is shown to be the only way in or out of Pittsburgh and as a result the bridge is shown to be in traffic when the bombs hit. Several army vehicles are also present on the bridge.

[edit] Notes

  • A sign in front of the bridge has been defaced to reflect it's nickname, 'The Pitt'. (Pictured)

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