The Mill

The Mill
The Mill.png
Location The Pitt
Leader Ashur
Main Local(s): Everett


Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest The Hole

Ammo Press

Related Quests: Unsafe Working Conditions

The Mill is a steel mill found in the center of The Pitt. It's can be found in Fallout 3's second DLC pack, The Pitt. The Mill is the central hub for The Pitt, it connects to Downtown, Uptown, and the Steel Yard.

Ashur refers to the mill as the key to the cities industrial success. After Ashur was abandoned by the Brotherhood of Steel, he killed the Raider leaders within the Pitt and recruited followers to help him rebuild the city. When he didn't gather enough support, he forced weaker citizens into slave labour. The Mill was used to create Ammunition which could be sold all over the Wasteland. With the help of The Mill, The Pitt has become the only known city to start 'producing' again, since the Great War.

After completing the final quest in The Pitt, you will gain access to the Ammo Press. This will allow you to create Ammunition using Scrap Metal or other Ammo.

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