The Mechanist

The Mechanist
The Mechanist.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Canterbury Commons
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Weapons: N/A

The Mechanist is a self-proclaimed super hero for Canterbury Commons who builds robots to help him with his battles against the AntAgonizer and her Giant Ants. You can talk to Derek Pacion who will tell you that the mechanist used to be the local mechanic for Canterbury Commons and went by the name of Scott Wollinski, then the AntAgonizer came to town and destroyed his favourite robot, since then he has been building his army of robots to help him take down the AntAgonizer.

[edit] The Superhuman Gambit

Main Article: The Superhuman Gambit

The Mechanist is a part of this quest in which you must convince or force either him or the AntAgonizer to leave Canterbury Commons alone. If you have the Child at Heart perk you can convince him that his actions are hurting the town locals and he'll agree to stop fighting and give you the his Helmet and Costume or you can give him the AntAgonizer's Helmet and Costume and he'll reward you with Protectron's Gaze

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