The Mall

The Mall
The Mall.jpg
Location South-East Washington

The Mall is a district located in the south-east of the Capital Wasteland. It's currently used as a main base for the Super Mutants who have turned the park into a battlefield covered with of trenches and bunkers. The Brotherhood of Steel have managed to secure the Washington Monument in the center of The Mall, while the Talon Company Mercs are attempting to take control of The Capitol Building in the east. To the left of the Washington Monument is the Museum of American History which is where you'll find the Ghoul city, Underworld.

The Mall has the second largest group of Super Mutants in the game after Vault 87, at least half of them are known to re-spawn when killed so it's impossible to completely clear the area of mutants. The Mall is one of the main areas in the game, it has three different Metro stations which connect to the rest of the Wasteland. The area is completely blocked off from the rest of the wasteland making it impossible to reach from the surface, to get there you'll have to take one the 3 metro routes.

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