The Lost Initiate

The Lost Initiate
The Lost Initiate.jpg
Location(s) Falls Church
Received by Paladin Hoss
Reward(s) 250 XP

100 Caps

Related Quests n/a

The Lost Initiate is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.

Paladin Hoss and his Brotherhood of Steel squad mates were doing a training exercise near Falls Church, but when Super Mutants attacked, Initiate Pek was separated from the rest of his squad.

Paladin Hoss tells you that Pek was cornered inside a local office building and asks you to help him. If you accept, you can ask Hoss for a reward in caps.

After clearing the Super Mutants inside the building, you can find Initiate Pek cowering in a corner. Some humorous dialogue can be chosen when speaking to him before departing.

Now, escort Peck outside to Hoss and receive either 100 caps or a small amount of good karma.

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