The Local Flavor

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The Local Flavor
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Location(s) Duchess Gambit
Received by Tobar
Reward(s) 300 XP

Superior Defender Perk

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The Local Flavor is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading the Point Lookout DLC expansion. The quest is available immediately after the player receives an in-game message informing them of the Duchess Gambit.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Locating Point Lookout

After receiving the message about the Duchess Gambit, the player is asked to head to the Riverboat Landing in the south of the DC ruins. As the player approaches the Landing, a woman named Catherine will approach you. She will ask for you to look for her daughter, Nadine. After speaking with her, you will need to speak with the man leaning against a door on the boat. The man, Tobar, will agree to take you to Point Lookout if you purchase a ticket from him. The ticket will cost around 300-400 caps depending on your Barter skill. After gaining a ticket, make your way to a cot at the back of the boat. Activating the cot will begin the journey to Point Lookout.

[edit] The Assault On Calvert Mansion

Point Lookout

After arriving in Point Lookout, your quest marker will indicate your next destination, Calvert Mansion. Once you reach the mansion, go inside. As you enter, you should see a Ghoul named Desmond and two dogs battling several Tribals. Proceed to follow Desmond, killing several more Tribals in the area.

After dealing with the Tribals in the bathrooms, follow Desmond to another section of the mansion. After entering the room, several more Tribals will drop down from the ceiling. Continue moving through the mansion, killing all Tribals in sight. As you move through the mansion, you will eventually come to the source of the invasion. You will come upon an locked door, with a red pipe within the room. Shoot the pipe to cause a large explosion, sealing of the area.

After sealing of the area, follow Desmond to another section of the mansion. You then enter another room. After taking a few steps, the floor will cave in, causing you to fall into the basement. Continue moving, killing any Tribals you encounter. Eventually you will come across another room with a red pipe. Shoot the pipe to seal of the area.

Return to the main room and speak with Desmond.

[edit] Last Stand

Upon returning to the main room, Desmond will inform the player that the Tribals are preparing a final attack. Desmond will offer some advice, telling you to lay mines around the area. You can find additional mines in a box behind Desmond's barricade upstairs. Take note that the Tribals will attack from more than one direction, not just the front door.

The Tribals will attack in waves of 3-5. They will assault the main room in the following order: upper right, lower right, lower left and finally the center doorway. Since the Tribals have to come through narrow hallways, it is advised to use area of effect weapons, such as Grenades. Weapons with large magazines are also useful.

After defeating the Tribals, speak with Desmond. The player will receive the Superior Defender Perk from him. This conversation will end the quest, and begin the Walking with Spirits questline.

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