The Dark Heart of Blackhall

The Dark Heart of Blackhall
The Dark Heart of Blackhall.jpg
Location(s) Blackhall Manor
Ritual Site
Disaster Relief Post
Dunwich Building
Received by Obadiah Blackhall
Reward(s) 1000 Caps
Related Quests n/a

The Dark Heart of Blackhall is a quest in Fallout 3. It was added in the Point Lookout DLC.

Begin by going to Blackhall Manor in the east of Point Lookout. Obadiah Blackhall will ask you to retrieve a book named the Krivbeknih from the Ritual Site for him. When leaving the Manor the player will be approached by Marcella. She claims that you should not give Obadiah the book as he is planning to use it for evil means. She asks you to give her the book instead, and return it to her at the Disaster Relief Post.

Go to the Ritual Site and kill the swampfolk outside. Go in and proceed through the chambers until you come across a table with a mutilated body on it. The book is right behind the table. Be prepared to fight more swampfolk upon taking the book. Once you leave the site you can either take it to Marcella or Obadiah. Taking the book to Marcella at the Relief Post will reveal that Marcella has been murdered. There is a holotape left for you in her tent where she begs you to take the book to the Dunwich Building back in the Capital Wasteland to destroy it.

If you do decide to destroy the book you'll be rewarded with good karma and 100 xp. Giving the book to Obadiah will result in 1000 caps, 100xp and no negative effect on karma.

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