Tesla Cannon

Tesla Cannon
Tesla Cannon.png
Maximum Damage 120
Damage Type Laser
Ammo Type Electron Charge Pack
Ammo Capacity 1
Weight 8

The Tesla Cannon is a weapon in Fallout 3 added by the Broken Steel DLC. It uses Electron Charge Packs and is very powerful. When you hit an enemy, they will become electrified for a few seconds, dealing heavy damage. The Cannon can destroy any Enclave Vertibirds with one shot. There is a limited number of the weapon in the game.

[edit] Shock Value

Main Article: Shock Value

In the quest the player must retrieve a Tesla Coil from the Old Olney Powerworks.

[edit] Who Dares Wins

Main Article: Who Dares Wins

After this quest, (providing the player did not target the Citadel) there will be two Tesla Cannons in the Citadel Lab.

If you did blow up the Citadel, there will be two in the secret armory.

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