Take it Back!

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Take it Back!
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G icon.gif 40
Location(s) Citadel

Jefferson Memorial

Received by Owyn Lyons
Reward(s) Activating Project Purity
Game Ending
Related Quests Death From Above

Take it Back! is a Fallout 3 main-quest and a trophy/achievement. Finishing this quest conludes the game unless you have the DLC Broken Steel installed.


[edit] Quest Objectives

After warning the Brotherhood of Steel that the Enclave are in control of the G.E.C.K, Owyn Lyons sends you and Lyon's Pride over to the Jefferson Memorial to secure Project Purity. To help you in your mission, you'll be escorted to the Mermorial by a 40 foot tall robot called Liberty Prime.

[edit] Lead the way Liberty

Exit the Citadel and follow Liberty Prime across the bridge. Try to stay behind Prime to avoid being hit by any Missiles, Prime will take care of the majority of the Enclave so if you're looking to gain some more XP equip a Sniper Rifle and shoot from distance.
Prime in action.

Continue to follow Liberty Prime over the bridge and past the Irradiated Metro. Once off the bridge, Prime appears to miss more Enclave soldiers, leaving you to clean up the mess. Continue to follow him onto the second bridge until you reach the Jefferson Memorial, leave Prime to finish of the remaining Enclave and head for the Memorial Gift Shop with Sarah Lyons.

[edit] Jefferson Memorial

There's only around 4 or 5 Enclave soldiers inside the Memorial, clear them out and head towards the Rotunda. Once you enter the Rotunda the doors will be sealed shut and you'll be greeted by Colonel Autumn and his guards who were expecting you.

You are presented with a decision of how to deal with him. The player may:

  • Argue with him and let him live, through a difficult Speech check that depends on weather or not Raven Rock was destroyed.
    • If the players karma is neutral, Sarah Lyons remarks that the Brotherhood outside will probably kill Autumn - Most likely Liberty Prime.
    • If the players karma is very high, Sarah Lyons will remark she is not surprised by the players actions. She states that Autumn will one day return to cause trouble.
    • If the players karma is very low, Sarah Lyons will remark that she is surprised that you showed mercy.

[edit] The End

Head towards the Purifier and you'll hear Dr. Li's voice on the intercom. She tells Sarah that the Purifier has been badly damaged by the Enclave and will self-destruct shortly. You and Sarah Lyons now have a decision to make.

[edit] You or Me

Someone has to sacrifice themselves to activate Project Purity but you and Sarah are the only people there. If you decided to sacrifice yourself you must enter the Purifier and type in the code. If you haven't figured it out yet, the code is 2-1-6 based on Revelation 21:6 in the New Testament, your Dad mentions this multiple time through-out the game. Activating the Purifier yourself will result in +1000 Karma.

If you refuse to enter the Purifier, you can give Sarah the activation code and she will take your place by sacrificing herself for the sake of mankind.

If you have Broken Steel another option becomes available, if you have Sergeant RL-3, Fawkes or Charon as your Companion you can send them into the Purifier instead. All three of them are immune to Radiation and can easily withstand the blast.

[edit] Project Impurity

If you still have the Modified Forced Evolutionary Virus given to you by President Eden in Raven Rock, you can insert it into the Purifier then activate it. The virus will eventually kill everything in the Capital Wasteland except pure strain humans like the Enclave and those still living in Vaults. Adding the virus will result in -1000 karma.

[edit] Do Nothing

If the player refuses to go into the Purifier or if you take too long entering the code, the Purifier will explode killing everyone in the room. This will still count as an official game ending and the credits will roll.

[edit] Broken Steel

Adding Broken Steel will change a few of the endings. If you entered the Purifier yourself, you'll wake up 2 weeks later in the Citadel. Sarah will also be there, but she's still unconscious when you wake up.

If you let Sarah go into the Purifier, you'll still wake up in the Citadel, but Sarah will not be there. Owyn Lyons will explain that she died in the Purifier.

Adding the Modified FEV will make no difference to the story. However, if you drink the Aqua Pura Water from the Purifier you'll see a message saying: "Continued consumption of FEV-laced water will be fatal". If you drink the water 2 more times in a short period you will die.

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