Super Mutant Behemoth

Super Mutant Behemoth
Super Mutant Behemoth.png
Race Mutant
Affiliation Super Mutant

Super Mutant Brute
Super Mutant Master
Super Mutant Overlord

Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

A Super Mutant Behemoth is a giant version of the Super Mutant that can grow over 20 feet high. They have higher Health and Strength than any other Creature or Human in Fallout 3.

There are only 5 Behemoths in the Capital Wasteland and none of them re-spawn after you kill them. Each Behemoths appearance is different, some are bigger than others, some attack with their fists and some use weapons such as a fire hydrant.

All 5 of them are set in a specific location and once all 5 are dead you'll unlock an Achievement/Trophy called The Bigger They Are...


[edit] Locations

List of where the Behemoths are found:

[edit] Galaxy News Radio

This Behemoth automatically appears as part of the Following in His Footsteps quest. Upon arrival at the GNR Tower there will be a battle between the Super Mutants and the Brotherhood of Steel. Once all the Mutants are dead, a Behemoth will appear, smashing anything in it's way.

The best ways to deal with this one is to either use the Fat Man which can be found on the body of a Brotherhood member on the fountain in the middle of the GNR plaza or you can head back into the Early Dawn Elementary and shoot him down from there, this will use up a lot more Ammunition but the Behemoth cannot reach you inside the school.

[edit] Capitol Building

The center of the Capital Building is a war zone between the Talon Company and the Super Mutants, this battle includes a Super Mutant Behemoth.

To beat this Behemoth you can stand behind the doors just outside the main room and shoot him down as he cannot reach you from there. Another way is to let the Talon Company Mercs kill it or inflict most of the damage.

[edit] Evergreen Mills

There's a Behemoth in the middle of a Raider camp called Evergreen Mills. This Behemoth is one of the biggest in the game but it has no armor or weapons. It's locked behind an electric gate in the middle of the camp.

Evergreen Mills is surrounded by cliffs from all angles, making it easy to climb up and shoot the Behemoth from a distance. There is also a generator in front of the gate that's holding the Behemoth, you can shoot the generator from a distance until it explodes, this will release the Behemoth from it's cage. There are around 30 raiders in Evergreen Mills, so it's likely that it will be killed, but if it survives it should be weak enough for you to finish it off.

[edit] Takoma Park

There is a Behemoth behind the Takoma Industrial accompanied by 3 Super Mutants. The easiest way to kill it is to follow the planks of wood on the floor as soon as you open the gate to Takoma Industrial. They will lead you onto the roof of a truck with a dead Talon Company Merc on it, next to the Merc is an Artillery switch, press it and it will fire 5 or 6 shots at the Behemoth before breaking. This will weaken the Behemoth making it easy to kill, but you can also repair the Artillery with a high enough Science skill meaning you can kill it without any effort.

[edit] Jury Street Metro Station

The last Behemoth can be found at a small camp between Jury Street Metro Station and Evergreen Mills. You can find the camp as part of an Unmarked Quest called Searching for Cheryl. At the camp you'll find a teddy bear locked inside a shopping trolley. Opening the trolley will activate a Behemoth to start running in your direction.

[edit] Near Evergreen Mills

When heading to the mills raider camp you may come across a de-railed train,as you investigate you may see a couple of shopping cart cages,one contains a teddy bear as you open the cage it will shake it's arms until you pick it up.Then a super mutant behemoth will spawn behind you. Near Evergreen Mills is the The Jury Metro Station super mutant behemoth.

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