Suicide Watch

Suicide Watch
Mister Lopez.jpg
Location(s) Rivet City
Received by Mister Lopez
Reward(s) Good/Bad Karma
Related Quests n/a

Suicide Watch is an unmarked quest that the player can get in Rivet City.

Mister Lopez, an old man in Rivet City, is acting suicidal. After the player gets enough information about Lopez's depression from the NPC's in Rivet City (Father Clifford might be a good place to start) the player can choose to help Lopez or worsen the situation.

You can find Lopez attempting to commit suicide on the Flight Deck.

[edit] Helping Lopez

You can help Lopez by convincing him that he shouldn't kill himself, he has a lot to live for, he can get therapy, and that Ted Strayer needs a role model in his life and Lopez can help. You will have to pass a speech check.

This choice will result in good karma.

[edit] Killing Lopez

Note that both of these choices will result in bad karma.

When you reach the Flight Deck, Lopez will ask you to help him commit suicide, because he's too scared to do it himself.

You can either:

  • Taunt Lopez into killing himself.
  • Push Lopez over the rail
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