Star Paladin Cross

Star Paladin Cross
Star Paladin Cross.jpeg
Race Human
Affiliation Elder Lyons
Location Citadel
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Star Paladin Cross is one of the highest ranking members of the Brotherhood of Steel. She answers only to Elder Lyons. She is a potential Follower.

Cross can only be recruited after The Waters of Life quest. The player is required to have Good karma for her to join your party. If your karma falls too low, she will leave your party and return to the Citadel.

Star Paladin Cross is very efficient with all weapons due to her Brotherhood training. She will change weapons depending on the situation. Cross will equip any armor with better statistics than her own.

Since she is a member of the Brotherhood, she still follows a main objective of theirs, the collection of technology. Sometimes when the player is close to a downed enemy, she will loot the body before the player, especially if there are Energy Weapons or technology.

She can carry a total of 198 pounds. In Star Paladin Cross's case, her Super Sledge and Brotherhood Power Armor count against the total amount she can carry.

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