St. Aubin Medical Facility

St. Aubin Medical Facility
St. Aubin Medical Facility.jpg
Location Point Lookout
Leader Professor Calvert
Main Locals Tribals
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests A Meeting of the Minds

St. Aubin Medical Facility is Professor Calvert's Underground Lab. The lab was initially used before the Great War by General Atomics, to experiment with brains and Robobrain technology. They discovered that the brain could survive under the right circumstances without a human host, and could also project images and thoughts to others. This lead to Robobrains becoming great assets to the battlefield.

Professor Calvert received treatment here to remove his brain, allowing him to survive the 200 years following the war. he was also given the ability to use psychic powers. It is now inhabited by Calvert and his many robots, in the hope that they will one day project images into all minds. This project, however, is slowed by Desmond and eventually stopped due to the players intervention.

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