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Location Capital Wasteland
Main Local Silver
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest Springvale Elementary
Related Quests 300 Pieces of Silver

Holy Water

Springvale is located just west of Vault 101 and north of Megaton. It will likely be the first place you discover after leaving Vault 101 as it's just outside the entrance. The town is a complete wreck, only one small house survived the bombing from the Great War. That small house is occupied by a former Megaton prostitute called Silver who is hiding from her former boss Colin Moriarty from who she stool 400 Caps.

If you added Broken Steel to the game a new location called the Holy Light Monastery will appear in the town. The Monastery is home to a cult of former Children of the Atom members who have gone one step further by exposing themselves to high amounts of Radiation.

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