Sorry, My Darling

Sorry, My Darling is a Holotape that the player can find within the Presidential Metro. It is found near the stairs before heading on board the train that brings you to the Adams Air Force Base. It leads to the Fatal Attraction side-quest that rewards the player with the All-Nighter Nightwear

[edit] Note

If someone finds this... please get this to my lover at the La Maison Beauregard Hotel in East Georgetown... he'll want to hear what I have to say. My darling... they've found me. I... I tried to get away... tried to get away so we could be together once again... I know you risked your life to get it to me.... combing the ruins, avoiding the Super Mutants... all for me. It seems I shall never lay my eyes upon your gift... you... you'll have to keep it and remember me every time you see it. I'm so sorry my darling... so... so... sorry I've let you down. So many have died for this thing... so many hearts have been broken. Please remember, I'll always love you... you will be with me forever in my spirit... I... I...l-love... you...

It is possible that the writer of this note was killed by a Sentry Bot, Feral Ghoul or Feral Ghoul Reaver.

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