Shock Value

Shock Value
Shock Value.jpg
G icon.gif 30
Location(s) Old Olney S. Wilson Building

Olney Powerworks

Received by Paladin Tristan
Reward(s) 1400 XP

Tesla Cannon

Related Quests Death From Above

Who Dares Wins

Shock Value is a quest and achievement that was added with the Broken Steel DLC.


[edit] Quest Objective

Paladin Tristan assigns you this quest, and asks you to retrieve a Tesla Coil from the Old Olney Powerworks. You can start this quest after Death From Above.

[edit] Olney Powerworks

The Olney powerworks, are of course in Old Olney. You can get to Old Olney by fast traveling (if you've already discovered the location) or going southeast of Vault 92.

Once there, go into the sewer and take a ladder to the Underground. Two Ghouls will approach you and talk to you about Olney's history. When the dialogue ends, they go up the ladder and disappear from the game.

Proceed towards the S. Wilson Building, but be careful, multiple Deathclaw's are in the area. Go into the building, and sweep it of Enclave forces. Go up to the second level and go into the Powerworks.

[edit] Completing the Quest

Once there, dispatch any Protectrons Or Sentry Bots you see. There is a terminal that you can hack (very hard) that leads you straight to the coil, but if your science skill isn't high enough you have to take the right path. Find the coil, and remove it. Note that when removing the coil you'll take a large amount of damage.

You now have the Tesla Coil, congratulations. Pretty straight forward from here, go up the ladder to Old Olney (watch out for the Deathclaws!) and fast travel to the Citadel. Give the coil to Paladin Tristan. The quest is complete.

You can now start Who Dares Wins

[edit] Notes

  • The two surviving ghouls will tell you that Old Olney actually used to be a town full of ghouls, until the Deathclaws killed them all off.
  • You can deactivate the Sentry Bots and Protectrons through a security terminal.
  • You can receive a Deathclaw Control Scrambler to help you on this quest and later on in the game.
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